The company ZENDAR also deals with a wall protection on the surfaces predisposed to its shining through and it also removes the paintings from walls.

We know that the problem of this wall devastation by „pseudo artists” is very serious for house owners and a building appeareance is often very different from what we wish and the owners spend a lot of money on repairing the walls again.

So we come towards all those who have experience with this problem and are afraid of this spray activity and we offer them a system of wall protection against painting. For this purpose we use special methods and means which can be used for almost every surface (wall of every king, outer walls, windows, train cars, subway, fences) which don´t destroy a foundation.

The ZENDAR group uses a special method for the wall protection. It is called hydrofobization – substance giving the material lesser water adherance. This ensures that when the wall is destroyed by graffiti, the removel is much more simple and cheaper. It is removed by hot water under pressure so the colour is soften and it is removed from the surface. Antigraffiti also protects against dust, dirt and soot sediments.

Main advantages of using antigraffiti:

  • keeping the estetic appearance of wall surfaces, fences, subways and train windows etc.
  • lower costs on removing the pollution
  • an easier and more effective way of graffiti removal, weather or other pollution
  • a limited humidity penetration into the structured which was treated by hydrofobization
  • a protection durability which lasts for several years.