Drying the buildings

The company ZENDAR also deals with the drying building work through the crystalic injection method. It consists in making the protection against the humidity in walls caused by the water from house foundation. The drying of a building is made from inside and it is not necessary to maky any excavations around outer walls. This method uses a wet was. It means that with the method of crystalic injection the walls is moinstened by more water. The capillar canals as ways of penetration are used and then the izolation surface is made by the crystalization by minerals dissolved in capillars of building materials water.

The ZENDAR company has chosed this method for its wide range of advantages:

  • the cheapest method used in Poland
  • it respects the environment because the means used in this method are not toxic
  • very effective and ensuring the long-lasting protection
  • possible to use for drying wet buildings regardless of kind and strenght of material
  • the wetter is the wall, the better the effects are
  • salt doesn´t have the effects on technical method effectivity
  • the process of drying is made by any harm of chemical or physical state of walls