Salt saunas

The company ZENDAR is the creator of the modern and new project so called salt saunas. A salt sauna is a combination of all Finn sauna advantages with hot and dry air and also the wonderful sea salt features. The sauna effects are based on a controlled and an intensive change of temperature from very high to very low.

Thanks to the high temperature all toxics are sweated out and the body is being purified. Hot steam is very effective for breathing illnesses and rheumatic problems.

Humidity and warm in sauna have a positive effect on a skin. It remains hydrated well and because of this its flexibility and firmness increases.

A salt sauna balances the damages caused by negative living conditions and it improves many body functions to certain extend. Staying in the sauna relaxes you physically and psychically, improves the mood, increases a body resistance, cleans, makes a detoxification, increases a body defence and strengthens. The suitable conditions for halotheraphy or salt ionization are created in a sauna thanks to the use of halit (from Greek halos = salt) and sea solution. We absorb minerals from salt as calcium, bromid, magnesium and iodine in a salt sauna. These elements are were important for sore throat preventions and also as a prevention for neck, lungs, larynx, windpipes inflammations and agains allergies. Salt cave walls are covered by the highest quality salt which is sorted for you in a salt mine due a size and colour and which has a relevant influence on your health and mood.

A salt cave is a perfect place for relaxation and health protection. It is also a perfect alternative for those who don´t like spending time in crowded clubs, shopping centres, cafés and restaurants full of smoke and are looking for an interesting place for restoring their energy and recreation.

For salt sauna you don´t need a big space, a small room is enough. So that´s why salt saunas are often built in spa centres and hotels as well in family houses.