Aesthetic advantages

Salt caves are mostly visited by city citizens and so they help to treat many illnesses and it is also the way how to spend free time in a nice place. According to the research customers prefer to return to original and unusual places which have an unique atmosphere and style.

Salt caves are becoming an alternative of crowded and smoky cafés. What´s more, a man recovers better in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

So that´s why ZENDAR company stresses the appearance and decoration of made salt caves. Our designers can „conjure up” original atmosphere and mood and the place is special, almost fabulous where we would like to return.

Before starting design and building work we state the goal to make the space the way people who will spend time there in the future can feel this special place full of unique energy. We stress the importance of colours because we know they have a big impact on our health and on the other hand we are simulate a natural cave stay impression. Our long time experience in salt cave building and customers understanding ensure that the space adopted for salt caves becomes comfortable, spacious, homely and also beautiful, so everybody visiting the place can leave after one-hour stay fully relaxed, refreshed and full of energy. This unique and non-repetitive atmosphere is reached thanks to appropriate techniques, procedures and constructions.

Everybody entering a salt cave can hear waterfall sound with music which leads to relaxation, quiet and meditation. The beautiful walls made from broken salt create a non-repetitive atmosphere and climate which is also good for activation of energy. The wood decorations, salt water waterfalls made from different size and colour stones create a scenery of an old times cave.