ZENDAR company was founded in 1993 and it was specialized in building flats and their reconstruction and also in industrial installations. In 1997 we made the company ZENDAR consisting of highly specialized professionals. In 2002 we devoloped an innovative method of building salt caves which we have been using since then. We widen our offer and satisfy our customers we started building modern salt saunas in hotels, spas and private houses. We also dry building by so called crystalic grouting method and antigrafitti, it means the building protection against grafitti.

We always serve with our knowledge, advice and experience.

The main activity of ZENDAR company is salt caves building. We build them in the whole area of Europe including Poland, Bohemia, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. We also build salt caves for the non-residential spaces owners, private houses, spa hotels and all who have free space minumum of 50 m2 or they are looking for an interesting and profitable idea how to use it. So if you have a free room to use and you would like to deal with an interesting and profitable activity, our offer is there especially for you. If you have a smaller space, also a small room, we recommend building a salt sauna.

Why to invest to the building of salt cave?

  • One of modern trends of the change of lifestyle and health protection. More and more people is starting to look after themselves and their families. The places where you can increase your immunity and to treat some illnesses and spend time in nice, quiet and comfortable environment are becoming more and more popular.
  • City inhabitants use salt caves because they can let sea microclimate to work on you without going to the sea.
  • A salt cave is a perfect place where tired and stressed city inhabitants can relax, rest and breathe healthy air.
  • Taking advantage of salt caves is becoming a fashionable thing like going to the gym.
  • An investment to the building of salt cave can be a possibility to make profit and satisfy demans and needs of the society.

Why it is worthy using ZENDAR company services

  • ZENDAR company consists of several qualified and experienced building groups specialized in salt caves building for many years. Our groups can change a regular room into a comfortable and healthy place ideal for relaxation and rest. Due to this an investor can get an attractive place in a short time suitable for organizing treatment and relaxation proceedings.
  • ZENDAR company takes notice of good, solid and quick realization of an investment. All our work is done independently from the beginning to the end. An investor gets a completed salt cave withouth having to take any activity and he can fully work on his own projects.
  • ZENDAR company uses for building salt caves only natural products as salt, calcium sulphate, stone, wood. We want our caves to be as healthy and natural as possible.
  • Salt caves of ZENDAR company are always covered by sea salt and salt from salt mines of the highest quality.
  • During a salt cave building it is necessary to undertake electrical installations and to fit air conditioning equipment. We ensure all this equipment was a high quality and it fulfils all safety norms. We all do it to ensure the microclimate similar to the sea in the cave.
  • Our specialists stress the importance of artistic and aesthetic side in a salt cave. ZENDAR company activity aim is to create a place where salt cave customers can feel to be in a special place and would like to come back with their friends in the future.