Curative properties

Staying in a salt cave is recommended especially to those who want:

  • Improve his/her immune system.
  • To help in traditional way of treatment. Regular visits of salt caves can help in a treatment of illnesses such as:
    • high and low airways infections
    • bronchi asthma and chronical bronchi inflammation
    • allergies and over sensitivity
    • neuroses
    • a lack of stress tolerance
    • weak blood circulation
    • high blood pressure
    • hearth rythm defects
    • stomach and duodenum ulcers
    • stomach catarrh
    • intestinal blockage
    • insufficient function of thyroid and many others
    • obesity and overweight – stay in a salt cave improves metabolism
  • improves the skin quality – sea salt cause smoothing and skin hydratation

When can we notice the first effects?

First positive effects on health state improvement are visible already after 7 visits but for long-term effects we recommend regular visits in intervals 2-3 weeks. For relaxation or prevention purposes we 1-2 stays a week are recommended.

ATTENTION: A visit in a salt cave is not recommended for people with over function of thyroid.