Healthy features

Every element present in a salt cave has a positive effect on mood and health of people staying there:

Iodine – responsible for production of thyroid gland hormons necessary for good functioning of all cells in a body.

Calcium – increases immunity of a body, it is a part of blood coagulation process, it is a building element of bones and teeth – his lack can cause osteoporosis.

Magnesium – has a positive effect on nervous and blood-vessel system. The lack of magnesium can cause: sudden giddiness, painful calf convulsion, insensitivness and creepy feeling of limbs, increased hair loss, fragility of nails, tooth decay, irritation, fear, concentration problems, sleeping difficulties, night sweating.

Chlorid – together with kalium and sodium ions responsible for balance hydration of a body. It is against allergies and fungi, it improves skin quality and slows down ageing process.

Ferrum – a part of hemoglobine, whose lack can cause anemia

Copper – it supports metabolism, it helps to absorb ferrum better.